Emily Elkins Findraiser – September 29th

Ray Brakefield (ELK MEMBER) is Emily’s grandfather, he and some others will be putting on a BBQ on September 29 at the Lake as a fundraiser. 

They are running short on supplies and items that they will need.  I am attaching a list of items and if you can help by contributing anything at all please let Paul Elkins know.  He can be reached at 803-448-6869

Again – this was a total list that put together on their best guess – anything at all would be greatly appreciated. 

·         MANPOWER

·         40 Boston Butts

·         40 Lb cole slaw

·         2 LARGE containers of Dukes Mayo

·         Large bag onions

·         1000 Pre Paks (packs with spoon/fork/napkin)

·         1000 to go boxes

·         1000 rolls (bread)

·         Drinks

·         Baked beans (approximately 30 gals).