Hill's Iron Works Marker - Hwy 274 @ South shore of Allison Creek
West Face North Face East Face South Face
Here were made some of
the cannon used by the
Patriots of the Revoultionary War.
It was burned by the British
under Houck June 1780.

Near this spot was also
the home of
Colonel William Hill.
The steadfast Whig
and uncompromising leader
who kept the faith
in the darkest hour of
the struggles for freedom.
Erected by the
Kings Mountain
Chapter D. A. R.
And the
Winnie Davis
Chapter U. D. C.
October 1918
S.68.44 W 737 Feet
From this point was
the site of Hill's
Iron Works.
The original corner
was in good
state of preservation
when submerged in 1925.
Birth place
Daniel Harvey Hill
Lieutenant General
in the
States Army.
Soldier, Educator, Aurthur.
A worthy son
of the land
we love.

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